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Why did I create a package for Dads?

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Dads, you matter. The role you play in the process of pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum period is irreplaceable and so vital! It can be both physically and mentally taxing.

A huge aspect of recognizing your key part is doing things for yourself. Whether that be regular time at the gym, finishing up projects, or getting a massage—treat the time you take to care for yourself as a necessity in preparing for your new little one.

In recent studies, they found that ‘the woman’s reaction to the pregnancy was strongly associated with partner support, stability and dependability.’ I feel it’s crucial for the wife to recognize how much she needs her partner throughout the process—-but also the importance of both husband and wife encouraging self care of their spouse.

Can you tell I feel passionately about self care?? It will help you to be the dependable and supportive husband your partner needs.

So why did I create a package that gives dad a massage during the span of the prenatal period through the postpartum weeks? It’s simple, If you are taking care of yourself and balancing your life the best that you can, you will be better able to support your wife and new baby when the happy day of arrival comes!

Click HERE to see what is included in the package for dads!

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