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Susie is so supportive and knowledgeable. She is so level and calm in tense situations. She brought so much strength with her that I drew on my entire birth. She was not only supportive to me but to my whole birth team. She is someone who loves babies, loves birth, and loves people.

She was key for me in my natural birth and talked me through my birth plan, prep, and was on the phone with me up until I went to the hospital. I would love for her to be at all of my births!

I recently gave birth naturally, unmedicated to a 9lb 6oz baby, and I could not have done it without the support of Susie!
I knew I wanted a doula in the beginning of my pregnancy, and when I came across Susie, I instantly felt drawn to her.
My husband and I met with her throughout my pregnancy, she provided great information and resources for us, and was always a text/call away.
My husband learned lots of labor positions and things that he could do for me during that time which was super beneficial. After the birth of our son, he said he was super glad to have Susie there. She jumped right in to action and was such an amazing advocate for me, my husband, and our baby.
She helped me set up our birth plan which included everyone’s roles. I never even thought about that, but having clear roles was a huge plus!
Not only is Susie a great human, she is also an amazing massage therapist! What could be better right!? A birth coach and massage expert = amazing.
Overall, I have never felt more supported in my life. I could not have done what I did without Susie. If you’re toying with the idea of having a doula, I absolutely recommend Susie and will definitely need her there for my future babies as well.

Kamaree O.

Stop what you're doing right now and hire Susie. I seriously could not envision our birth experience without her. As the husband, the overall process can be quite intimidating in the heat of the moment. My wife and I took classes, I feel like a I knew what to expect, but when things got intense, Susie brought me down. She coached me through the important steps and positions to make my wife more comfortable. Not only that, but she is never not genuine. We feel like she's part of our family after laboring with us for nearly 12 hours - active labor helping us achieve a successful unmedicated VBAC. What sets Susie apart though is her background in massage therapy. We interviewed several doulas and Susie is the best in Utah. Period. End of story.

Braden E.

Susie was our doula for our first baby’s birth in December. I say “our” because she not only supported me, but those with me in the labor room. Without her my husband and mother would have been exhausted and would have not had the knowledge of how to best help me.

Susie was a vital part of our team and I loved having her be a part of my

birthing experience.

We planned an unmedicated labor and delivery.
We did an unmedicated labor(for about 10 hours) that ultimately ended-up needing a c-section because baby was sideways and not descending.

During labor Susie helped through each contraction and knew exactly what I liked and didn’t like through our pre meetings and while in the labor room allowed me to lead to way.

Before labor we went through essential oils that she used to help bring calm and energy to me while in labor.
Even after I received an epidural, Susie was still important to me as she was one of my support pillars and helped as we tried to push baby out.

Susie brought a calming and reassuring presence to me and my family.
Doulas are amazing and I would definitely have Susie be there for me again.

I truly believe that having Susie as my doula was the biggest reason why I was successful with my goal of having an unmedicated birth. What stood out to me when I first talked with her was how safe I felt being open and vulnerable with her and how detailed she was with understanding my birth goals and answering my questions. She supported me in what I wanted throughout the entire process and pushed me the extra bit I needed, while still giving me full freedom to make my choices and change my plan if I decided to. There were two specific moments during my labor when I was debating on doing something that wasn’t a part of my birth plan. Susie very gently (and with zero pressure or judgement) reminded me of what I said I wanted and gave me the extra reminder to pause and think through what I ultimately wanted. She helped me to have the empowered birth experience that I truly wanted.

Susie also empowered my amazing husband throughout the process, especially during labor. She is so personable and fun to talk with, which in between my contractions was very appreciated. Susie truly makes me not want to move from Utah because if we have more kids, having her specific gifts and skills in preparation for and during birth is so comforting and empowering. And to top it off, she is hands down the best massage therapist. I’ve never had a better massage. Beyond grateful that Susie was my doula and now basically adopted as part of our family!

Nicole E.

Susie was THE game-changer in my labor and delivery. This first-time mama would not have had the unmedicated birth experience of my dreams if it wasn’t for Susie. When she showed up to assist in my labor, it was night and day difference. She is intuitive, she seems to know exactly what to do, where to apply counter pressure, and how to involve your birth companion. I will forever recommend Susie and plan to use her for future births!

Jenessa Z.

Having Susie as my doula was hands down the most beneficial decision I made for the birth of my first child. It took me a little while to decide to hire a doula because I figured that between my mom, the midwives, and the nurses I would have all the help, knowledge, and support I needed, but Susie proved to be the anchor of my birth team, and I’m so glad I decided to go with her!

Out of health concerns, I ended up being induced about 3 ½ weeks before my due date. I was told on a Friday that I would be induced the following Tuesday. There was suddenly no time to do all of the things I had planned to do last-minute to prepare. But luckily Susie had kept encouraging me to prepare a birth plan, so I at least had that completed. Susie had me clearly define the roles that every person in the room would be playing and that did so much to eliminate confusion and help things flow. Because I had Susie there, she could help me with pain management, help my husband know what to do to assist me, ask questions to the medical staff I wouldn’t have known to ask, explain different options and information from the staff to me and my family, and free my other family members up to help get food and document the experience. It was so nice to just be able to focus on the baby, my husband, and myself. I know without a doubt that I would not have felt as comfortable and confident in myself and in this experience without Susie’s knowledge and guidance.

If you are questioning whether or not you should hire a doula, I strongly encourage you to do it, and to hire Susie specifically. She is kind, patient, and so easy to talk to. She will be there for you throughout the entire process, helping you feel more knowledgeable and confident along the way.

I could not have imagined and better birthing experience and Susie made it possible! Susie worked so well with my Husband and she helped me find the best positions to work through each contraction.
With her knowledge of the body and being a massage therapist she helped me with some issues I had with my leg and hip during labor and preformed a fundal massage that helped me a ton! I seriously loved having her there and I would 100% recommend Susie to anyone looking for a doula. She is AMAZING!

Kenzie A.

With this being my first pregnancy, I had a lot of fears and worries about childbirth and postpartum life. I was interested in having an unmedicated birth, which is why I was interested in finding a doula.

Due to a lot of chaotic life changes, I didn’t start looking for a doula until I was around 33 weeks pregnant. I felt like it was probably too late and was stressed about finding someone in time. From our first meeting over Zoom, Susie made both me and my husband feel comfortable and eased our worries. I wanted my husband to have an active role in the whole experience, and she was inclusive, and so good about making sure that he was included and a part of our discussion, instead of a silent observer.

I sort of had some ideas in my head of what I wanted in a birth experience, but I had no real context for how to articulate those ideas. Susie helped me and my husband get those thoughts into a birth plan, walked me through the process and educated me on things I had never heard of or didn’t understand. She taught me and my husband some pain management techniques and active birth positions, and showed my husband how he could be my primary support in those positions. It really strengthened our relationship and she helped us feel prepared (or as prepared as you can be) going into what was uncharted territory for us.

Then, my water broke in the middle of the night two weeks early, and things didn’t go according to plan. Susie was at the hospital within an hour of me being admitted and provided physical, informational and emotional support to me for hours while we tried to help my labor to progress. One of the most meaningful things that she did was she had me list all my fears about childbirth and life postpartum, and we talked through each and every one of them. I really felt empowered after talking it out with her and she is a great listener!

After being in labor for 8 hours with no progress in dilating, my doctor gave me a couple of different options of medical interventions that would help move labor along. Susie discussed the pros and cons of each decision with my husband and I until I felt empowered to make the choice for myself. She was a support to me throughout the rest of my experience, all the way when the baby came and a few weeks postpartum.

I truly cannot say enough positive things about our experience working with Susie. As we’ve processed and talked through our experience with labor and delivery, my husband and I have often remarked how we couldn’t have done it without her. Her experience and support was invaluable to the both of us; it really did feel like a team effort. Her passion for this work really shines through and is empowering. If we have more children, I will definitely be working with her again.


Susie was great! She was able to make time for an induction massage for me. It was a great experience (so relaxing) and I had my baby the next day. I highly recommend her services.

Susie was so helpful in preparing us for the birth of our daughter and helping us throughout labor and delivery. She has so much to contribute to make it a wonderful experience. She focuses on all aspects of self care through pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum.

Janelle F.

Susie is the best! She has excellent knowledge of the body and the experience to get to the root of problems. She is also a great listener and respects what I know about my own body. On top of that, she is warm and compassionate and a lot of fun to talk with.

Susie is a truly gifted masseuse! She is able to work efficiently and deeply to help my body recover from all of my hiking adventures! Susie listens to me and cares deeply about helping me recover and heal properly. I would recommend Susie with all my heart!

Susie has gifted hands and a big giant heart! As a massage therapist, she is second to none. She has a deep knowledge of the body and hope to care for it. She's also a thorough and thoughtful doula. As a doula colleague, I'm always impressed by the thoughtfulness of her care for her clients. Susie's support during your birth would be a true gift.

I know Susie as both a massage therapist and doula for my niece when she had her first baby. Susie is a great massage therapist. With Susie's help I am able to do all the activities I like to do such as walking, hiking, biking and swimming while managing the aches and pains that come with age. She not only helps me with massage but also has helped me to understand the value of stretching and exercise in between massages to maintain a pain free/healthy life.

When it was time for my niece to have her first baby, Susie was an extremely important part of the birth team. She took care of all of us, kept us informed and helped each member of the team to be an important part of helping Cora deliver her daughter. We love Susie and are so thankful that she is a part of our lives. I would highly recommend her for massage and doula services.

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